The Greyscale

by Obey The Decoy

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    After all these years we're still having fun with this
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We've been working on this since 2012, a lyrical journey through life with everyday thoughts! Songs recorded between 2012 and 2015


released October 6, 2015

Anthony - Guitar - California
Cory - Synth/Programming - Californa
Roland - Vocals - Germany



all rights reserved


Obey The Decoy California

Three dudes from California and Germany making heavy music by combining groovy riffs with symphonic synthesizers and death metal vocals. E.S.T. 2012 \m/

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Track Name: Glass Asylum
She's taking control
of my thoughts
Making every momment crazy
Shes like a plague
Making me want
The touch
The feel
The taste
The excitement
These fucking urges
Are taking the best of me
She's taking the best of me
I feel like I'm on my last defense

No one could stop this compaign
Knowing your enemy is knowing your death
I know the stories
Fucking everything you see
As you drink your poison
I'm here alone in this glass asylum
Every guy knows
What your capable of
With your poison in hand
You fucking whore
You fucking whore
You will not give in
Even though you wanted so bad

You lick your lips
You try to tease
You know what your doing
You fucking demon

Now you come towards me
With that look in your eye
And your call
I'd rather die
then get sucked into her plague
Betrayed by my thoughts

I will remained trapped
In this glass asylum
Track Name: Randon Weather Forecast
There is a storm above the ocean
Black clowds growing
agitated melancholia
Lightings are flashing within your heart
tempest inside you're torn apart
what is reality what is your designation?
the waves are piling up

your flaws will soon crush upon you
never seeking salvation but self-destruct
facing yourself was always abortive
drowning yourself in self-regrets
this is what you are and always will be
you always will be
you're unable to safe yourself

this is a lesson you'll never learn
this is a lesson you'll never learn

you will never learn to safe yourself
telling yourself you can't is your favourite apology
lie to yourself - I hope you die

As we turn seawards we see that storm you've created
may the rain wash away your sinful existence

you will never learn to safe yourself
no ship will reach the harbour
you will never learn to safe yourself
your ship won't reach home again

the ships become wedged together
as the waves crush upon them
two ships sinking, sharing a gravesite
no survivers - you annihilated everything you loved

your fate is sealed too, you took everything
I don't envy you, you brought this on yourself
Track Name: Paramount Maxim
Your future was never certain
you'll face what you truely fear
find your place and find your shelter
obvert your path before it's too late

nothing could save you from this mess that you've become
your faith is lost your hands are shaking
you are unable to see what clearly lies in front of you

with no regret you lead your life to peak in failure
you pray for a savior but no one can save you because
living for the downside is your highest dictum
hell awaits

hell awaits you
there is no fucking savior
you're on your own
your path is lost
wrong decisions
worst intentions
you lost your soul in this despair

your shallow existence has led you to get lost
your hopes and dreams have vanished
right before your eyes

your ending is never a new beginning
your life is worthless
that's what you've created
this is your demise

and now you try to break out
from this prison you've built
all on your own
this is not gonna be easy
you'll need to find your way
and I will be there
just to watch you fall
just to watch you fall

don't take this life for granted
find your way out of this hole
find your way
Track Name: Teddy Told Me (To Do It)
I am the most terrible company
Sickening myself every fucking day
Can't you see you are my everything?
Can't you see I'm fucking running on empty
Because every fucking day I know I'm doing you wrong
You deserve better than this
I know

I'm the one who's wrong with all I say and do
I know

I wish there was more to say
I wish you knew how much hurting you hurts myself
I don't deserve you and you deserve better than me
you deserve better than me
oh god

Everytime I do you wrong my soul gets bleak
I am the virus
I am the fucking virus

And I don't want to be this anymore
I was meant to round you up
But I know I'm no good to you

With all my deeds I bring disease
Please let me heal your wounds
I want to make you feel whole again
Have mercy with my wretched soul

Please forgive me
Let there be a fucking catharsis
for my soul

Please forgive me
Track Name: Behind The Horizon (feat. Thomas Matulla)
A new light, A new life, A new era
Destiny has given us the chance
to make everyone able to move forward
He has given us the chance to make something better in life

Trust in your heart! Trust in something you feel!
Respect individuality of every single person on mother earth

Accept yourself ! Be honest with yourself !
Be convinced with your skills!

Schlage niemals Vorteile aus etwas für dich heraus,
womit du anderen wahrscheinlich ihre
Chance versaust etwas für sich selbst zu erbauen!

We`re able to benefit all our opportunitys
for our hopes and dreams
It lies in our hands what we want make out of it
You`re the key to open all the doors you want to walk through
To embarrasing the path to find the essential purpose in life

It`s your turn to find out who or what you want to be
Are you able to detect your own plethora of life?
Are you willing to detect the sense of your own clause?
Do you want to risk a look above the horizon to see some things clearer?

Cancel somebody of your list
who have decided that they want to ruin your life
Concentrate on something you believe and love
Those who care about nothing in life
Anytime go down like the daylight in the darkest nights
Track Name: A Zombie Fallout
Locked deep down in the underground
the infection keeps us away from the daylight
for how long did we fight?
for how long did we survive?
I don't even remember yesterday

surrounded by the walking dead
this is the apocalypse
stand your fucking ground in this disaster guns blazing katana grandmaster
gather today keep your friends by your side - only the strong will survive
reload your weapons
today we break out and we will fight against the dead

death has no place here

"when there is no more room in hell..."

you won't feast upon my flesh
I rip your fucking head from your chest
you won't feast upon my flesh
I will bury your brainless rotten corpse

with ambitions of a serial killer
we tear apart everyone of them
we choke upon the smell of their blood
but there is no other salvation
god has left us
we stand on our own

we slash through every undead corpse until we see the daylight again
human race might be outnumbered but we will be the last men standing

keep your friends closer by your side - only the strong will survive
the zombie apocalypse
we will fight
we will kill what's supposed to be dead
we will fight
to see the daylight again.
Track Name: Death Of Eden (RAW)
Society is a labile construct
for we are victims of it’s dysplasia
When will we ever wake up,
we’re sucking off the life from everything
The human race is a viral disease,
spreading around the planet
7 billion so far

We are the blood clot in nature’s heart
and like cancer we’ll go down with our host

We are destroying earth we are all a part of this madness.
accept your fate, death awaits!
Hell awaits!